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Vedan International (Holdings) Ltd. has been listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2003. The Group is the leading producer of fermentation-based amino acids, food additive products and cassava starch-based industrial products in Asia. Our products are sold to food distributors, international trading companies, and manufacturers of food, paper, textile, and chemical products in Vietnam and other ASEAN countries, the PRC, Japan, Taiwan and several European countries. Most of our products are marketed under the VEDAN brand name.

Since the 1970s, our products have been marketed in Vietnam, the PRC, and other ASEAN countries. To accelerate market expansion, the Group established Vietnam Vedan in 1991 as our major production base. Since then, the Group’s production has undergoing continuous expansion due to strong growing demand. The Group is currently the largest MSG producer in the Southeast Asian region, and the largest supplier of lysine and cassava starch-based industrial products in Vietnam. In 1995, Vedan acquired a factory in Xiamen to focus on developing the PRC market. In 2004, the Group further acquired the assets and MSG business of Shanghai Vedan Foods Company Limited, which will be developed into its business operations center in the PRC, signifying its determination and commitment to become a major player in the PRC market. To ensure the Group has a stable supply of starch and a strong production platform for starch related products, Vedan Vietnam acquired Ve-Thai Tapioca-Starch Co. Ltd. in November 2005. In December the same year, Shandong Vedan Snowflake Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established and started production of GA in April 2006. Shangdong Vedan Snowflake will play a crucial role in Vedan’s global supply chain in the future, allowing it to meet the demand and to stabilize prices of raw materials, hence facilitate its business development strategy in China.

Leveraging on our production facilities located in Vietnam and China, steady upstream supply of raw materials, our possessing of advanced fermentation production technology and other biochemical processing technology, coupled with the experienced management team, the Group boasts strong competitiveness over its peers.

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